Thursday, March 18

"The Cherry Blossom" A painterly history lesson!

The Cherry Blossom has become very popular in recent years. Its beauty is unmistakable and it's long history of life on our plant is vast yet some spark has brought it's brilliance here to America and now it is being incorporate in many new trends and home decor.

This 3 panel triptych painting collection of mine is inspired by the popular Cherry Blossom Tree and provides a sense of calmness, beauty and simplicity. I thought I would provide a little bit of history about this lovely tree as I show some more images of my Customizable Collection.

The Cherry Blossom is a tree that calls home to Asian. Most popular in Japan, Korea and China. In Asia it is known as "Sakura" or Japanese Flowering Tree. Though the name may be misleading it doesn't actually bare fruit. Yet it does bloom beautiful and fanciful assorted pink blossoms. 

The "Sakura" is a cherished tree in Asia for obvious reasons (it's beauty). A celebration is held every year and families and friends attend the festivals and take in the beauty of the blush blooms and serenity the trees evoke. If you have ever seen a vast area of cherry blossoms together while in bloom you know what I mean!

So that is just a bit of "Art History" regarding my "Cherry Blossom" collection and some history behind this natural wonder. I offer these paintings on commissioned basis and offer to create them in customized colors for my buyers. You can find them for sale by visiting my etsy gallery:

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