Saturday, June 26

Custom Nature Print Collection

Custom Collection for Kerry!

Here is a custom collection of my original nature silk screen prints that I made special for Kerry. I offer all of my prints to be customized to fit perfectly in my buyers rooms or offices and here is one that was made to fit perfectly in Kerry's space! I really like how it came out and the colors go great together. I can't wait until she hangs them up in her room. If you would like a custom collection created to fit perfectly in your space simply email me at:

Thursday, June 24

Stylized Pear - Recent Painting!

I just finished this painting today and wanted to get it uploaded so I could get some advice on it. It is my newest attempt at creating a modern style of artwork. This painting puts a twist on still life, abstract and digital illusion. This piece is acrylic paint on a 18x18 studio wrapped canvas with 3/4" wide sides that the painting carries over to.
What do you think? Email me at: - Thanks!

Side view:

Friday, June 18

Artist Quote of the Day!

"The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection."

::: Michelangelo :::

Thursday, June 17

My Assistant: Mia

Introducing: Mia

Current position: Creative Assistant

Length of Employment: 10 months and counting

Currently: Napping in her chair

Responsibilites: Hang out, take long naps, snore, stretch, talk/meow and provide creative insight.

Wednesday, June 16

Artist Quote of the Day!

"I dream a lot. I do more painting when I'm not painting. It's in the subconscious."

::: Andrew Wyeth :::

Inside My Studio - Screen Prints!

So here are a few recent pictures from inside my studio. Here I have 4 sets of my World Map
screen prints in: (Summer blue/White : Green/White : White/Black : Orange/White) 
This is a daily/weekly sight of what's going on inside my studio. Behind the scenes of this colorful photo there are 12 more prints in the process of drying and were not ready to be photographed. A room full of screenprints equals a busy artist and a busy artist is a good thing!

Another daily/weekly sight!  Ohh.. the boxes that gather in the corner awaiting their special artwork. Selling art online has much more to it than just painting or printing in the studio. Working the online market and preparing shipments is another part of the process and one that can't be ignored!

Tuesday, June 15

Featured on the ""!

Hello everyone! I wanted to share with you my most recent feature on !
I didn't know this lovely website existed until I was told of this feature how exciting :)

Tuesday, June 8

Featured on!!!

So one of my favorite websites is if you havn't checked it out then you NEED to! I recently had a customer order a set of the world map prints and happily let me know that she had found my work on - I was thrilled and quickly checked it out for myself and sure enough they had promoted my World Map screen print collection. Here is the direct link:

Check it out and also surf around the website for more fun/modern decor ideas!

My Interview with Lindsay

Recently sweet Lindsay from contacted me to see if I wanted to do an artist interview for an art special on her blog. So of course I was excited that she asked and said yes quickly! She was great to work with and here is the direct link to my interview on her wondeful blog -

Front Page of Etsy

I was featured on the Front Page of Etsy again over the weekend!
(World Map Print Collection in Brown/White)

Art Exhibit!

I wanted to share with all of you some photos from my recent art exhibit during "First Fridays" in downtown Kansas City, MO.

During set up Friday morning

The final showing

Overall the show was great and had a steady flow of visitors throughout the evening. It was so much fun to see my art displayed in the gallery and to receive beautiful comments from fellow artists and family members. I hope to be involved in more of the "First Friday" shows in the future!