Wednesday, June 16

Inside My Studio - Screen Prints!

So here are a few recent pictures from inside my studio. Here I have 4 sets of my World Map
screen prints in: (Summer blue/White : Green/White : White/Black : Orange/White) 
This is a daily/weekly sight of what's going on inside my studio. Behind the scenes of this colorful photo there are 12 more prints in the process of drying and were not ready to be photographed. A room full of screenprints equals a busy artist and a busy artist is a good thing!

Another daily/weekly sight!  Ohh.. the boxes that gather in the corner awaiting their special artwork. Selling art online has much more to it than just painting or printing in the studio. Working the online market and preparing shipments is another part of the process and one that can't be ignored!

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  1. I love seeing this of your studio. It makes me curious to find out more about screen printing.